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About the Power Pros

July 4, 2020

Power Pros is a Nintendo-focused podcast established by video game enthusiasts "The Hoff" Chris Hoffman, a seven-year veteran Nintendo Power editor, and former Nintendo Power editor-in-chief Chris Slate. After Slate was launched into space in early 2016, Hoff was joined by a rotating group of guest co-hosts, many also former Nintendo Power contributors, until fellow former Nintendo Power staffer (and Hoff's nemesis) Pete Michaud took over the role on a regular basis. Together they'll bring you the latest news and opinions on all manner of happenings in the world of Nintendo, from new hardware rumors to impressions on the latest titles in beloved series like Super Mario Bros., Metroid, Donkey Kong, and Fire Emblem. 

Hoff counts The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, and Ace Attorney among his top series (alongside a myriad of RPGs), and prior to writing for Nintendo Power, he worked at publications like Play and Gamers' Republic, as well as fan-favorite publisher Working Designs

As of episode 200, released June 20, 2020, the podcast is on hiatus.